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About Prof. LUI Hon-kwong

Professor LUI Hon-Kwong is the Associate Vice-President (Academic Affairs and External Relations) and Professor of the Department of Marketing and International Business of Lingnan University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from The University of Hong Kong and worked for a few years as marketing executive in retail industry and as Statistician in the civil service. His consulting experience is mainly in the area of market research and analysis. His research interests include labour economics, applied marketing research, and Hong Kong economy.

Professor Lui is the author of six books and has published articles in leading and highly respected journals, including Management ScienceUrban StudiesHuman RelationsEconomic Inquiry, and Journal of International Marketing, among many others. The book he co-authored with Robert Frank and Ben Bernanke (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States), Principles of Economics: Asia Global Edition, was widely adopted as textbook by universities in Asia including top universities in Singapore and Hong Kong.

His current research focuses on income distribution, internal mobility, and travel patterns. The hallmark of his work is the application of statistical methods to large data sets that produce quantitative answers to questions that are relevant for public policy. Professor Lui is best known for his work on income inequality, which layouts the key facts and conceptual issues surrounding income inequality in Hong Kong. His latest publication in this area is the research monograph—Widening Income Distribution in Post-Handover Hong Kong (Routledge, 2013). The research uses Census dataset from the period 1981-2011 to examine the individual effects of industry composition shifts, occupation composition shifts, expansion of tertiary education, public housing program, and the arrival of recent immigrants on income distribution.

Other than academic research, Professor Lui is very active in University committee and community services. He is Council Member of The Education University of Hong Kong and Director of JUPAS Board of Management. He was member of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Panel, Disciplinary Panel A of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) and EcoPark Advisory Committee. He also served as Council Member of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority and Deputy Chairman of its Research & Development Committee. On the other hand, he has published over 120 commentaries in major newspapers and these commentaries can be broadly divided into four groups: education, public policy, economic environment, and labour market. He has been frequently interviewed by media and invited as guest speaker on various live TV and radio programmes.


Present Faculty Member, Lingnan University Faculty of Business
Present Acting Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Lingnan University Office of Communications and Public Affairs
Present Associate Vice-President (Academic Affairs and External Relations), Lingnan University Office of the President
Present Professor, Lingnan University Department of Marketing and International Business


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Tel.: (852) 2616-8233
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Room: SEK101/11


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Hon Kwong LUI
自香港特別行政區成立以來,特區政府不斷推出個令人眼花繚亂的鴻圖大計,如八萬五、中藥港、數碼港、母語教學等;又強調要銳意發展金融、物流、專業服務及旅遊業四大支柱,以及包括醫療、教育、檢測和認證、創新科技及文化創意的六大產業。這些令人充滿 幻想的政策若能實現,香港定必黃金遍地、歌舞昇平。 回歸十多年後,回頭一看,前特首輕輕的一句話,港人才知道八萬五早已不存在,中藥港亦已置諸腦後,數碼港被視為地產項目,母語教學是教育界的大災難,四大支柱及六大產業只是宣傳口號。這樣的特別行政區,誰還會相信政府推出的政策能貫徹始終? 過往香港人以帶有貶義的「阿燦」來形容新移民,九七前,數以十萬計的同胞,千方百計爭取居港權,他們大多希望能到香港「掘金」;時移勢易,今天香港人卻自謔為「港燦」,大批港人到國內「掘金」。短短的十數年間,為甚麼在香港看不見遍地黃金?特區政府究竟出現了甚麼問題?為甚麼財政司司長向港人派錢,得到的是噓聲而不是掌聲?為甚麼遊行示威有如假日大型節目?究竟是誰改變了香港?是誰搬走了香港的黃金? 筆者生於斯長於斯,是少數堅持以香港為主要研究課題的學者,希望能在眾多過於政治化評論中,帶出一些中肯的觀點。本書結集的評論文章,務求以客觀持平的分析方法,評論公共政策,沒有半點私心,更沒有政治目的。本書分為七章,每章都帶出一個明確信息,涉及的討論包括:特區政府政策欠缺明確理念,經常藥石亂投;以不同形式干預市場,制度官僚;政府曲解市場經濟的真正意義,以致房地產市場問題叢生;以及政府的管治問題乃至高官的卸責行為等等……

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