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About Hank C Jenkins-Smith

Hank Jenkins-Smith earned BAs in economics and political science from Linfield College (1979) and a PhD in political science from the University of Rochester (1985). He has been employed as a policy analyst in the DOE Office of Policy Analysis (1982-83), has been on the faculty of Southern Methodist University, the University of New Mexico, and Texas A&M University. In August, 2007, he joined the faculty in the Center for Applied Social Research at the University of Oklahoma. He is also a Professor in the Department of Political Science at OU. Professor Jenkins-Smith has published books and articles on public policy, risk perception, and nuclear issues. His most recent book (with Dr. Kerry Herron) is Critical Masses and Critical Publics: Evolving Public Opinion on Nuclear Weapons, Terrorism and Security (Pittsburgh University Press 2006). He has served on National Research Council Committees focused on policies to transport spent nuclear fuel and dispose of chemical weapons. In his spare time, Professor Jenkins-Smith engages in personal experiments in risk perception and management via skiing, scuba diving and motorcycling.


Present Associate Director - Center for Applied Social Research, University of Oklahoma
Present Professor - Department of Political Science, University of Oklahoma
Present Faculty Member, Policy Studies Organization

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