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Indivisible morality
The Nature (online version, see comment) (2016)
  • Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan
  • Venkata R Posina, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
Drawing from Gandhi's concept of 'Indivisible morality', we identified global level of morality—beyond individual and national—that was overlooked by Gächter and Schulz in their recent work (Nature 531, 496-499; 2016). We argued that a country’s immoral conduct in the international arena has a detrimental effect on its citizens’ honesty.
  • International Relations,
  • Corruption,
  • Gandhian Studies,
  • Honesty
Publication Date
March 24, 2016
Online comment to: 10.1038/nature17160
Citation Information
Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan and Venkata R Posina. "Indivisible morality" The Nature (online version, see comment) Vol. 531 (2016) p. 496 - 499
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