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Unpublished Paper
Crosswalk of Functional and Activity Models: InterPARES, OAIS, PAIM, Tufts/Yale
ARL Career Enhancement Fellowship (2010)
  • Harrison W. Inefuku

In order to determine necessary activities in the pre-ingest, ingest, preservation and access phases of electronic records preservation, the activities in the InterPARES 2 Chain of Preservation (CoP) Model, Open Archival Information System (OAIS) and Producer-Archive Interface Methodology (PAIM) were mapped to determine necessary activities for a Fedora-based electronic records preservation system for the National Library of Medicine, Archives and Modern Manuscripts Program (AMMP). As a published model for the management of electronic records in a Fedora repository, the system model from the Tufts/Yale Fedora and the Preservation of University Records Project (Tufts/Yale) was then mapped to first three models, to see if any significant gaps existed.

Publication Date
July 30, 2010
Citation Information
Harrison W. Inefuku. "Crosswalk of Functional and Activity Models: InterPARES, OAIS, PAIM, Tufts/Yale" ARL Career Enhancement Fellowship (2010)
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