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Who’s Your Mammy?: Figuring Aunt Jemima
Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference (2007)
  • Harrison W. Inefuku, University of the Pacific

In existence for over a century, the advertising icon Aunt Jemima remains a point of contention for many African Americans, despite a recent makeover that attempted to remove visual signifiers of slavery. To understand the icon's negativity, I explore its roots in slavery,the minstrel stage and The Exhibition of the Other. I then move to an analysis of "The Legend of Aunt Jemima," a series of advertisements produced in the 1920s, to determine how racism was manifested in the icon*s promotional materials.

Publication Date
May 5, 2007
Winner of the 2007 University of the Pacific Ethnic Studies Undergraduate Research Paper award.
Citation Information
Harrison W. Inefuku. "Who’s Your Mammy?: Figuring Aunt Jemima" Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference (2007)
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