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Unpublished Paper
Between a Rock and a Hard Place -- Kazakhstan’s Approach to Foreign Investment Law and Policy
  • hina manzoor, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Similar to other International Investment Agreements, Preferential Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Treaties are increasing more rapidly. Despite the increasing number of BITs, there is no such evidence that shows the impact of BITs on FDI of such a developing country as Kazakhstan. The main purpose of this study is provide the impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties on Foreign Direct Investment flows of Kazakhstan. To narrow the gap, I build up BITsel Index based on the methodology raised by Chaisse and Bellak (2011) for 19 BITs for Kazakhstan. The impact is analyzed by two ways; using BITsel Index and by analyzing the graphs of FDI (net inflows) and share of FDI by countries from year 2005 to 2013. The paper strongly supports the positive impact of bilateral investment treaties on FDI flows of Kazakhstan. It means that these BITs attract FDI in Kazakhstan. Further this paper indicates that these IIAs alone can never be the sufficient policy to attract FDI besides other determinants of FDI. Investment claims against Kazakhstan are the major obstacles in attracting FDI in Kazakhstan.
  • Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT); Preferential Trade Agreement (FTA); Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
Publication Date
Summer August 28, 2014
Citation Information
hina manzoor. "Between a Rock and a Hard Place -- Kazakhstan’s Approach to Foreign Investment Law and Policy" (2014)
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