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Oil palm shell lightweight concrete as a ductile material
Materials and Design (2012)
  • Hilmi Mahmud, University of Malaya

Crushed large oil palm shell (OPS) was used as a coarse aggregate in four different concrete mixtures. The stress-strain behavior and modulus of elasticity of OPS concrete were investigated and compared to granite normal weight concrete (NWC) and expanded clay lightweight concrete (LWC). The stress-strain curve of the OPS concrete showed that this type of LWC, in contrast to many types of structural LWC, is a ductile material. The highest E value of about 18.4. GPa was achieved in this study, which is significantly higher than previous studies. It was found that the E value of crushed OPS LWC was approximately 53% of the control NWC, which is approximately twice that of the uncrushed OPS concrete reported in the literature. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

  • Coarse aggregates,
  • Ductile materials,
  • Expanded clay,
  • Normal weight concrete,
  • Oil palm,
  • Stress-strain behaviors,
  • Stress-strain curves,
  • Ductility.
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Hilmi Mahmud. "Oil palm shell lightweight concrete as a ductile material" Materials and Design Vol. 36 (2012)
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