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Preservation of Deteriorated Documents Manual
Preservation Outreach and Workshops
  • Hilary T. Seo, Iowa State University
  • Carie M. McGinnis, Iowa State University
The preservation techniques covered during the workshop included basic non-aqueous and aqueous cleaning procedures such as vacuuming, brushing, dry cleaning, and washing. Simple backing, tear mending, tape removal, and re-housing procedures were also addressed. Proper selection of treatments was encouraged by stressing that students should begin with more innocuous treatment options before implementing more aggressive and invasive options. Several treatment options were developed to deal with specific situations common to the field of questioned documents. These include: a methyl cellulose backing technique, and a modified sink mat. Methods for consolidating charred paper fragments were also explored. Remember to test all documents for water soluble inks and media before implementing any of these procedures.
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Midwest Association of Forensic Scientists
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Hilary T. Seo and Carie M. McGinnis. "Preservation of Deteriorated Documents Manual" Ankeny, IA(2006)
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