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Soot, Mud, and Mold: Beyond the Basics of Salvaging Archives Collections
Preservation Outreach and Workshops
  • Melissa Tedone, Iowa State University
  • Whitney Baker, University of Kansas
  • Hilary T. Seo, Iowa State University
Do you have a disaster plan but still don’t feel like you would know what to do in the event of a largescale disaster? This half-day workshop takes you to the next step in terms of implementing your plan under stress. Through lecture, simulations, and hands-on activities, you will develop an understanding of how to respond to the emergency, prioritize salvage operations, and work with vendors. Know what your immediate responses should be and feel confident in your decision-making process bybecoming familiar with your treatment options and knowing how to get the salvage operation started. Participants will be asked to come prepared with their own institution-specific plans and information.
Publication Date:
2014 Midwest Archives Conference Annual Meeting
Citation Information
Melissa Tedone, Whitney Baker and Hilary T. Seo. "Soot, Mud, and Mold: Beyond the Basics of Salvaging Archives Collections" Kansas City, MO(2014)
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