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Family Planning Providers' Perspectives on Family Planning Service Delivery in Ibadan and Kaduna, Nigeria: a Qualitative Study
Journal of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care (2013)
  • Hilary Schwandt, Western Washington University
  • Luciana Estelle Hebert
  • Marc Boulay
  • Joanna Skinner

Objective: In Nigeria, fertility continues to be high and contraceptive prevalence remains low. This study was conducted in order to understand the perceptions of, experiences with and challenges of delivering family planning services in two urban areas of Nigeria from the perspectives of family planning service providers.

Methods: A qualitative study using 59 in-depth interviews was conducted among family planning providers working in hospitals, primary health centres, clinics, pharmacies and patent medicine vendors in Ibadan and Kaduna, Nigeria.

Results: Providers support a mix of individuals and organisations involved in family planning provision, including the government of Nigeria. The Nigerian government's role can take a variety of forms, including providing promotional materials for family planning facilities as well as facilitating training and educational opportunities for providers, since many providers lack basic training in family planning provision. Providers often describe their motivation to provide in terms of the health benefits offered by family planning methods. Few providers engage in any marketing of their services and many providers exclude youth and unmarried individuals from their services.

Conclusions: The family planning provider community supports a diverse network of providers, but needs further training and support in order to improve the quality of care and market their services. Adolescents, unmarried individuals and women seeking post-abortion care are vulnerable populations that providers need to be better educated about and trained in how to serve. The perspectives of providers should be considered when designing family planning interventions in urban areas of Nigeria.

  • Nigeria,
  • Family planning counseling,
  • Contraception
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Hilary Schwandt, Luciana Estelle Hebert, Marc Boulay and Joanna Skinner. "Family Planning Providers' Perspectives on Family Planning Service Delivery in Ibadan and Kaduna, Nigeria: a Qualitative Study" Journal of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care Vol. 39 Iss. 1 (2013)
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