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Elaborating a model of teacher professional growth
Teaching and Teacher Education (2002)
  • David Clarke
  • Hilary Hollingsworth

This paper details a model of teacher professional growth and relates the model to the research data on which the model is empirically founded. A key feature of the model is its inclusion of four analytic domains in close correspondence to those employed by Guskey (Educational Researcher 15(5), 1986) and others, but the model proposed in this paper identifies the specific mechanisms by which change in one domain is associated with change in another. The interconnected, non-linear structure of the model enabled the identification of particular “change sequences” and “growth networks”, giving recognition to the idiosyncratic and individual nature of teacher professional growth. One major value of a change model grounded in empirical data lies in its capacity to stimulate speculation, research and development regarding possible change mechanisms as yet unexplored and unexploited. In its current form, this model offers a powerful framework to support the analyses of those studying teacher change (or growth) and the planning of those responsible for teacher professional development.

  • Teachers,
  • Professional growth,
  • Professional development,
  • Teacher learning,
  • Studies,
  • Schools,
  • Education,
  • Teacher change,
  • Change model
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David Clarke and Hilary Hollingsworth. "Elaborating a model of teacher professional growth" Teaching and Teacher Education Vol. 18 Iss. 8 (2002)
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