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The Occupation Project and the Democratic National State Project. Iraq, from Security to Political Management
ACRPS Research Papers Series (2011)
  • Hichem Karoui

The American assessment of the situation of Iraq is forcibly limited due to its main concern with security issues as part of an Empire global strategy , instead of viewing such matters as part and parcel of a broad political reality relating to the local arena. This sort of assessment lasted for the whole course of the occupation; but with the withdrawal of the US troops, it appears vital that the Iraqi political elite adopts an independent vision that asserts the political and juridical nature of the issues at hand and revises them from that perspective, while keeping the security question as a mere facet of the political issues requiring a comprehensive treatment.

We shall begin with an assessment of the years of US occupation in Iraq, focusing on its repercussions, explicating its outcomes, and exploring the horizons of political evolution in this country after its ridding of dictatorship and foreign occupation.

Unlike other studies that dealt with the Iraqi issue from the perspective of its regional ramifications and repercussions, we have attempted, as much as possible, not to discuss the questions of Iranian and Saudi influences, or Sunni-Shi`a regional competition, limiting the analysis to the manner in which "regime change", "state-building", and democratization were approached in US assessments of the Iraqi situation, while comparing them with the Arab conception of the same notions. We have linked all these issues to the quantitative and qualitative data of the occupation, the political and juridical structure of the troop withdrawal agreement, and the threats emanating from power vacuum and erroneous interpretations of the Iraqi situation.

  • Iraq,
  • Middle East,
  • democratisation,
  • state building,
  • reconstruction,
  • post-war,
  • US foreign policy
Publication Date
Fall November 3, 2011
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Hichem Karoui. "The Occupation Project and the Democratic National State Project. Iraq, from Security to Political Management" ACRPS Research Papers Series (2011)
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