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Discursive practices, science, politics and truth Application on MENA region
Middle East Studies Online Journal (2011)
  • Hichem Karoui
  • Faten Karoui Bouchoucha

Discourse analysis has been the subject of countless research. The progress made by them allows us to say that the discourse should not be considered as a reality revealer but rather as a reality constructor whether it is a political or a scientific discourse. Thus, the discourse of any kind comes to us as the “royal path ” to understanding the intentions and purposes of those who produce it. In this perspective, it seems that the discursive analysis suggested by Foucault is able to help us shed new light on this issue thus opening a new avenue of research. By applying the principles of the discourse analysis (Foucault), of the sociology of knowledge (Berger, Luckmann, Mannheim, Beck, etc …), of political sociology (Braud), on the field of the discourse (political, scientific or otherwise), we sought to localize not its doctrinal or predetermined content but its mode of operation.This will allow us to open up its rhetorical stereotyped style , in order to highlight the different discursive practices that are involved in its formation. Therefore, the question arises on how can it be addressed in order to identify its various operating modes ? And would it really be possible upon determining them to understand the nature of reality it produces and therefore understand the nature of its power ? We subsequently suggested to apply the results of this research on the discursive field in the MENA region, to see what are the cleavages that hold the potential scientific and / or political discourse prisoner of a rigidity closed to progress. The comparative observation shows that the block on which the discursive field in the West and the MENA region stumble can be summarized in one word : The truth.

  • Sociology of knowledge,
  • discourse analysis,
  • macro-sociology,
  • comparative analysis MENA/West …
Publication Date
Winter January 8, 2011
Citation Information
Hichem Karoui and Faten Karoui Bouchoucha. "Discursive practices, science, politics and truth Application on MENA region" Middle East Studies Online Journal Vol. 2 Iss. 4 (2011)
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