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Enhanced Exfoliation of Organo-Clay in Partially End-Functionalized, Non-Polar Polymers.
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering (2009)
  • H Henning Winter, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • X. L Wang
  • F. Tao
  • G. J Xue
  • T. Chen
  • P. Sun
  • A-C Shi
  • J. Zhu
We found that enhanced exfoliation of clay up to 20 wt.-% in non-polar polybutadiene (PB) if the PB was blended with a relatively small fraction of hydroxyl-terminated PB (HTPB). The choice of an intermediate polymer composition to enhance exfoliation was motivated by theoretical predictions of end-functionalizing effects of Balazs, Farmer, and coworkers. A combination of X-ray diffraction and rheological measurements were used to optimize HTPB content for enhanced exfoliation. We also observed the competition of the kinetic and thermodynamic processes during the ripening of the exfoliated clay structure.
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H Henning Winter, X. L Wang, F. Tao, G. J Xue, et al.. "Enhanced Exfoliation of Organo-Clay in Partially End-Functionalized, Non-Polar Polymers." Macromolecular Materials and Engineering Vol. 294 (2009)
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