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A Framework for the Unification of the Behavioral Science
Behavioral and Brain Sciences (2007)
  • Herbert Gintis, Santa Fe Institute
The various behavioral disciplines model human behavior in distinct and incompatible ways. Yet, recent theoretical and empirical developments have created the conditions for rendering coherent the areas of overlap of the various behavioral disciplines, as outlined in this paper. The analytical tools deployed in this task incorporate core principles from several behavioral disciplines. The proposed framework recognizes evolutionary theory, covering both genetic and cultural evolution, as the integrating principle of behavioral science. Moreover, if decision theory and game theory are broadened to encompass other-regarding preferences, they become capable of modeling all aspects of decision making, including those normally considered "psychological," "sociological" or "anthropological." The mind as a decision-making organ then becomes the organizing principle of psychology.
  • Behavioral Economics; Game Theory; Gene-Culture Coevolution
Publication Date
March, 2007
Citation Information
Herbert Gintis. "A Framework for the Unification of the Behavioral Science" Behavioral and Brain Sciences (2007)
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