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Examining the Relationship Between Creativity and Innovation: A Meta-Analysis
74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (2014)
  • Hessam Sarooghi, Butler University
  • Dirk P Libaers, Northeastern University
  • Andrew C Burkemper, University of Missouri-Kansas City
It is generally believed that creativity enhances innovative activities. However, empirical research regarding the impact of creativity on innovation has produced a wide range of results. In this study, we conduct a meta-analysis of 51 empirical samples comprising 10,347 observations to test the nature of this relationship, particularly how organizational, environmental, and cultural factors moderate the creativity-innovation link. We find a strong positive relationship between creativity and innovation, particularly at the individual level. In addition, we find intriguing moderating effects in which large firms, process innovations, and low-tech industries have stronger effects on the creativity-innovation relationship than small firms, product innovations, and high-tech industries. Further, we find full support that moderate levels of power distance and partial support that moderate levels of uncertainty avoidance and collectivism maximize the correlation between creativity and innovation. We conclude by discussing theoretical and managerial implications and offering suggestions for future research in the entrepreneurship and innovation literature.
  • creativity,
  • innovation,
  • meta-analysis
Publication Date
August, 2014
Philadelphia, PA
Citation Information
Hessam Sarooghi, Dirk P Libaers and Andrew C Burkemper. "Examining the Relationship Between Creativity and Innovation: A Meta-Analysis" 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (2014)
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