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You're so pretty you don't look moroccan
Israel studies (2001)
  • henriette dahan kalev

"You are so pretty--you don't look Moroccan." I grew up hearing this sentence from the time my parents brought me from Morocco in 1949 to the immigrant camp Sha'ar Aliyah and to the Ma'abara [transit camp] Pardes Chana. I heard it from the white uniformed nurse, who came to our tent in the immigrant camp to tell my mother how she should raise me, my sister, and my baby brother, who was born in that tent. This nurse spoke of "raising children" as if it was something Zionists invented. The tall silver-haired Yekke [German Jew] kindergarten teacher also used this sentence. This teacher then took my name--Henriette--from me and gave me in its place the awful name "Ahuva." She did this "because 'Henriette' is difficult to pronounce--both for me and the other children."

  • moroccan mizrahi ashkenazi identity
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