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Apparatus and Method for Triboelectrostatic Separation
Center for Applied Energy Research Faculty Patents
  • John M. Stencel, University of Kentucky
  • John L. Schaefer, University of Kentucky
  • Heng Ban, University of Kentucky
  • James K. Neathery, University of Kentucky
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A triboelectrostatic separation apparatus includes a separator with an inlet, a separation chamber, first and second electrodes, a variable voltage source for applying respective positive and negative voltage potentials to the electrodes, a pair of separated particle outlets and a curtain gas flow generation system. The curtain gas flow generation system includes a source of curtain gas at positive pressure, a metering valve for matching curtain gas flow velocity to particle flow velocity and flow straighteners for eliminating eddy currents. A method for separating electrostatically charged particles is also described.
University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.
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John M. Stencel, John L. Schaefer, Heng Ban and James K. Neathery. "Apparatus and Method for Triboelectrostatic Separation" (1999)
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