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A reflection on culture over time by baccalaureate nursing students
Contemporary Nurse (2008)
  • Hendrika J. Maltby, University of Vermont

The aim of this retrospective descriptive study was to compare students’ reflective responses to a set question 18 months apart to determine if their understanding of nurses’ commitment to serve all clients regardless of age, gender, religious affiliation, or racial origin changed. One hundred and twenty-six reflections (63 pairs) were thematically analyzed. Three themes were developed: equal treatment; commitment to serve all clients; and “it’s not easy”. Cultural competency, although not yet fully operationalized in the nursing profession, is a developmental process that goes across time. It is also more than learning about other cultures.

  • culturally competency,
  • nursing students,
  • reflection
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Hendrika J. Maltby. "A reflection on culture over time by baccalaureate nursing students" Contemporary Nurse Vol. 28 Iss. 1-2 (2008)
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