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Information as a Key to Society Empowerment
information resource center cairo (2013)
  • Hemdan M. Aly, Helwan University
In remote villages and urban communities, many women, men, and children have limited choices available to them, resulting in a daily struggle to simply survive. The poor in particular have limited employment opportunities, little voice in decision making over locally available resources, often lack basic services, have limited recourse to state-sponsored systems of justice, and are rarely able to exercise the right to hold their representatives accountable. These people suffer from inequality in terms of the power they have to change their lives and escape poverty. Some, such as women and excluded ethnic or social groups, are even more dis-empowered than others
  • information,
  • empowerment
Publication Date
Fall January 23, 2013
Citation Information
Hemdan M. Aly. "Information as a Key to Society Empowerment" information resource center cairo (2013)
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