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Unpublished Paper
Conflict Management: A simple approach
  • Helen N Eke, Miss
The paper discusses the overview of conflict from different points of view like administrative, relationship, ethnic and religious points of view. Different definitions including the types, forms and stages of conflict as written by different authors were given. Instances as drawn from the bible on forms of conflicts were showcased in this write-up. Causes of conflict as well as conflict indicators like body language, disagreements, surprises etc. were listed. It was identified in the study that the subject of conflict is a broad one, being very much inexhaustible as it can be treated from different views. In this paper, conflict management and skills for conflict managers were pointed out as well as conflict management approaches in Nigeria and South Africa.
  • Conflict,
  • Conflict Management
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Helen N Eke. "Conflict Management: A simple approach" (2011)
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