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Unpublished Paper
Re-branding as a Decision for Professional Librarians in Nigeria
  • Helen N Eke, Miss
The librarian in the practicing profession is by no means, an icon in the heart of every institution which is the library. Therefore, there is need for quality personality traits. The branding and re-branding issue is very vital in the journey of becoming quality librarians that ought to serve the clients qualitatively. There is need for personal branding philosophy and looking at the advantages of personal branding and other features listed above, it is crystal clear that librarians should sit up and respond to the rebranding wake-up call which comes in Eight M’s as proposed by the writer.
  • Branding,
  • rebranding,
  • librarians
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Helen N Eke. "Re-branding as a Decision for Professional Librarians in Nigeria" (2011)
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