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Stroma-dependent development of two dendritic-like cells types with distinct antigen presenting capability
. Experimental Hematology (2013)
  • Pravin Periasamy, Australian National University
  • Helen O'Neill, Australian National University
Dendritic cells (DC) represent a heterogeneous class of antigen presenting cells (APC). Previously we reported a distinct myeloid dendritic-like cell present in spleen, as an in vivo counterpart to cells produced in murine spleen long-term cultures (LTC-DC). These cells, named 'L-DC', were found to be functionally and phenotypically distinct from conventional (c)DC, plasmacytoid (p)DC and monocytes. These results suggested that spleen may represent a niche for development of L-DC from endogenous progenitors. Adult murine spleen has now been investigated for the presence of L-DC progenitors. Lineage-negative (Lin)-ckitlo and Lin-ckithi progenitor subsets were identified as candidate populations, and tested for ability to produce L-DC; in vitro upon co-culture with the spleen stromal line STX3, and in vivo after adoptive therapy into mice. Both subsets colonized STX3 stroma in vitro for L-DC production, indicating that they contained either a common or two distinct progenitors for L-DC. However, only the Lin-ckithi subset gave progeny cells after adoptive transfer into lethally irradiated mice. In vivo development was however multilineage and not restricted to L-DC development. Multilineage reconstitution reflects long-term reconstituting haematopoietic stem cells (LT-HSC), suggesting a close relationship between L-DC progenitors and LT-HSC. L-DC were however produced in vivo in much higher number than monocytes/macrophages and cDC, indicating the presence of a specific L-DC progenitor within the Lin-ckithi subset. A model is advanced for development of L-DC directly from haematopoietic progenitors in spleen and dependent on the spleen microenvironment.
  • Dendritic,
  • cells,
  • Haematopoiesis,
  • myelopoiesis,
  • spleen
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Pravin Periasamy and Helen O'Neill. "Stroma-dependent development of two dendritic-like cells types with distinct antigen presenting capability" . Experimental Hematology Vol. 41 Iss. 3 (2013)
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