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Chiasmi International Journal, life and Individuation, vol. 7
  • Helen A Fielding, The University of Western Ontario
Volume 7, edited by Mauro Carbone and Helen Fielding, publishes 2 previously unpublished working notes by Merleau-Ponty (1959) on Simondon and the first chapter of a previously unpublished text by Simondon from the mid Fifties. The topic for both of these texts is individuation and life. The volume also, as always, presents articles written by leading scholars in Merleau-Ponty and French thought. Among the English language authors are: Miguel de Beistegui, Helen Fielding, Kym Maclaren, David Morris, Felix O'Murchadha, Ted Toadvine, and Robert Vallier. There is also an "hommage" for Martin C. Dillon. International authors include: Guiliano Antonello, Daniela Calabro, Mauro Carbone, Fabrice Colonna, Emmanuel de Saint Aubert, Paolo Gambazzi, Jacques Garelli, Xavier Guchet, Mariana Larison, Mario Neve, Franck Robert, Davide Scarso, Jenny Slatman, and Veniero Venier.
  • Merleau-Ponty,
  • life,
  • individuation,
  • embodiment,
  • phenomenology
Publication Date
Helen Fielding, Mauro Carbone
Citation Information
Helen A Fielding. Chiasmi International Journal, life and Individuation, vol. 7. Vol. 7 (2005)
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