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The Other: Feminist Reflections in Ethics
  • Helen A Fielding, The University of Western Ontario
  • Gabrielle Hiltmann
  • Dorothea Olkowski
  • Anne Reichold
The western philosophical tradition, with its focus on universal concepts and a presumed neuter, but ultimately male subject, has only relatively recently become open to the question of alterity, in particular the alterity of woman as the other of man. The essays of this volume reflect in particular on the ethical implications of taking the feminine other into account. This necessitates a rethinking of the implicit structures of Western philosophy which continue to exclude women as subjects who contribute to the conceptualization of world and society. This volume, which gives voice to women philosophers, is a contribution to that task.
  • ethics,
  • alterity,
  • embodiment,
  • feminist phenomenology
Publication Date
Palgrave Macmillan
10: 0-230-50687-9
Citation Information
Helen A Fielding, Gabrielle Hiltmann, Dorothea Olkowski and Anne Reichold. The Other: Feminist Reflections in Ethics. United Kingdom(2007)
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