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Time in Feminist Phenomenology
  • Helen A Fielding, ed., The University of Western Ontario
  • Christina Schües, ed.
  • Dorothea Olkowski, ed.
The contributors to this international volume take up questions about a phenomenology of time that begins with and attunes to gender issues. Themes such as feminist conceptions of time, change and becoming, the body and identity, memory and modes of experience, and the relevance of time as a moral and political question shape Time in Feminist Phenomenology and allow readers to explore connections between feminist philosophy, phenomenology and time. With its insistence on the importance of gender experience to the experience of time, this volume is a welcome opening to new and critical thinking about being, knowledge, aesthetics, and ethics.
  • temporality,
  • time,
  • phenomenology,
  • feminism,
  • embodiment
Publication Date
Indiana University Press
Citation Information
Helen A Fielding, Christina Schües and Dorothea Olkowski. Time in Feminist Phenomenology. Bloomington, Indiana(2011)
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