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Open Future, Regaining Possibility
Feminist Phenomenology Futures (2017)
  • Helen A Fielding

Helen Fielding considers how the repetition of the same can be phenomenally shifted. Considering the phenomenon of death by suicide in response to cyberbullying, she asks how cyberspace as a system can be opened up and become more responsive to the living affect of young women subjected to abuse. At the heart of this problem is the breakdown of personal time into objective time, whereby the inexhaustible potentiality of the living world is collapsed into the indifferent infinity of the possible that, unconnected to living existence, is ultimately a closed system.
  • feminist phenomenology,
  • cyberbullying,
  • Rehtaeh Parsons,
  • temporality,
  • Amanda Todd,
  • Merleau-Ponty,
  • Arendt
Publication Date
Helen A. Fielding and Dorothea E. Olkowski
Indiana University Press
Citation Information
Helen A Fielding. "Open Future, Regaining Possibility" BloomingtonFeminist Phenomenology Futures (2017) p. 91 - 109
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