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Dwelling with language: Irigaray responds
French interpretations of Martin Heidegger: An exeptional reception (2008)
  • Helen A Fielding, The University of Western Ontario
This chapter is a study on Luce Irigaray’s engagement with Martin Heidegger’s approach to language. Although language is central to both thinkers, rather than privileging language in terms of the poëtic event of being, the arising of something out of itself, Irigaray reveals how language is privileged in terms of its promise of dialogue between two who are different. This difference provides for a limit to what can be known or recognized, as well as for a creative potentiality that is directed towards the future.
  • Irigaray,
  • Heidegger,
  • language,
  • phenomenology
Publication Date
David Pettigrew and François Raffouel
State University of New York Press
Citation Information
Helen A Fielding. "Dwelling with language: Irigaray responds" Albany, New YorkFrench interpretations of Martin Heidegger: An exeptional reception (2008)
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