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Next-Gen Learning Spaces for the New Way Students Work
Campus Technology 2008: Next-Gen (2008)
  • Helen Y Chu, University of Oregon
How do you create innovative learning spaces that match the expectations and needs of today’s students? Experience tells us that it’s not a simple task, but the results are well worth the investment. Presenter Helen Chu will share her experiences spearheading the creation of a new Learning Commons at Cal Poly-SLO (her previous post), and a new Help Desk and technology center at the University of Oregon, along with her understanding of academic information services and how to create services that serve learners effectively.
  • learning space design,
  • millennial,
  • next-generation,
  • students,
  • collaboration,
  • library,
  • learning commons,
  • faculty development,
  • help desk,
  • information technology services,
  • it,
  • gamer generation,
  • informal learning
Publication Date
Summer July 30, 2008
Citation Information
Helen Y Chu. "Next-Gen Learning Spaces for the New Way Students Work" Campus Technology 2008: Next-Gen (2008)
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