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Your Life With Type II Diabetes: The Relationship Between Overall Health With and Without Diabetes
Georgia Southern University Research Symposium
  • Cory Brandt, Georgia Southern University
  • Jessika Jackson, Georgia Southern University
  • Helen W. Bland, Georgia Southern University
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Paper Presentation
Research Area Topic:
Public Health & Well Being - Pharmaceutical/Clinical Trials Research
The purpose of this study is to assess the behavior of patients with Type 2 Diabetes and their ability to maintain a healthy and unassisted lifestyle. Research has shown showed that adults, especially older adults, with T2D will live a less healthy and more assisted lifestyle. In the United States it’s estimated that 25.6 million adults have T2D and another 79 million are at beginning stages of T2D (Kanaya, Gregorich, & Grossman, 2012). There are numerous health behaviors that can affect the risk of having T2D (Basha & Sunnarao, 2012). The instrument used in this study was a 17-question behavioral questionnaire that was originally developed by the Stanford University School of Medicine (Stanford Patient Education Research Center, n.d.). This study employed 59 participants that were chosen by a non-probability, sample of convenience. Descriptive and inferential statistics were found using SPSS software and it reported means and significant differences. The study found that as a person ages that their overall health level decreases. If the participant had T2D, their level of overall health decreased. Data concluded that only 15.3% of participants followed a healthy diet. The study found that Gender (p=0.007), Race (p=0.006), and if the patient had T2D (p=0.000) were significantly impacted health status. In conclusion having T2D one’s overall health and overall lifestyle tends to decrease.
  • diabetes,
  • overall health,
  • self-management
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Cory Brandt, Jessika Jackson and Helen W. Bland. "Your Life With Type II Diabetes: The Relationship Between Overall Health With and Without Diabetes"
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