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An academic parable: Robert W. Fogel's raft
História da Historiografia (ISSN 1983-9928) (2014)
  • Heitor Moura Filho
The book Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery, by Robert W. Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman achieved great fame as a revolutionary interpretation of North American slavery, even though at the time it was criticized in detail by specialists in quantitative economic history. We believe that to quote it as a pioneering quantitative study of slavery has become an academic “meme”, which does not adequately reflect the severe criticism suffered by the book during the years following its publication. This text looks back to the book’s release and the subsequent debates in the ideological and methodological context of the time, also discussing its criticized flaws, with the aim of comparing the contribution of these authors with those of other scholars on slavery.
  • Slavery,
  • Quantitative history,
  • Historiographic argumentation,
  • North-American historiography
Publication Date
April, 2014
Citation Information
Heitor Moura Filho. "An academic parable: Robert W. Fogel's raft" História da Historiografia (ISSN 1983-9928) Vol. 14 (2014)
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