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The practices, populations, and programs of parent educators in Tennessee
Family Science Review (2009)
  • Heidi E Stolz, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • D J Brandon
  • H S Wallace

This manuscript utilizes data from a telephone survey of 312 parent educators across the state of Tennessee to inform research and service efforts of a university-based parenting center. Specifically, we investigated (a) techniques used to disseminate parenting information, (b) specialized populations targeted, (c) curricula used as well as the evidentiary basis of those curricula, and (d) parent educator training and education, all at both state and within-state regional levels. Overall, results indicated that classes were generally available for individuals in various specialized populations, and a range of techniques were utilized to reach parents. Additionally, a variety of curricula were in use by relatively well-trained professionals. Results suggested several areas in which the resources of the university could be directed toward supporting the efforts of parenting educators in Tennessee. University faculty elsewhere are encouraged to similarly connect with front-line parent educators, gather data, and initiate services to help them help others.

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Heidi E Stolz, D J Brandon and H S Wallace. "The practices, populations, and programs of parent educators in Tennessee" Family Science Review Vol. 14 Iss. 2 (2009)
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