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About Heidi E Stolz

Overall, I consider myself a scholar of parenting. Within this broad arena, I have identified two specific domains that I believe warrant effort and contribution. First, I have sought to add precision and clarity to the role of parent gender in the relationship between parenting and youth outcomes. Thus, I have attempted to address the seemingly simple questions of whether, and when, it is important to make statements about “mothering” and “fathering” instead of about “parenting.” Second, I have pursued both traditional research and engaged scholarship to provide information, structure, and resources to those in a position to apply research to perceptibly alter the parenting attitudes and behaviors within real families. From a hierarchy of needs perspective, several basic deficits must be addressed before what we know about parenting from decades of research can be optimally provided to families. My work with the Center for Parenting ( is designed to provide some of that needed infrastructure to parenting educators and family professionals.
These two research streams emerged from my dual passions for (a) increasing specificity in parenting research, and (b) increasing end-user applicability of parenting research. Essentially, these dual streams reflect my firm beliefs that we can know more, and we can help more families with what we already know.
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Present Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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  • CFS 320 / Family Interaction
  • CFS 345 / Family Resource Management

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