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DigiVengers: Digital Preservation in Progress
Library Services Faculty and Staff Publications
  • Heidi J. Southworth, Minnesota State University - Mankato
  • Jamie Dalbey, Minnesota State University Mankato
  • Anne Stenzel, Minnesota State University - Mankato
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Conference Presentation
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For the past ten years, the Archives and Preservation Unit at Minnesota State University, Mankato has been working with digital collections, but we lacked a formal digital preservation plan until the DigiVengers came to save the day. A small but mighty group, the DigiVengers used their super powers to draft a digital preservation plan using various magical gizmos, thing-ma-bobs, doohickeys, and extra-sensory perception gleaned from trial and error. The DigiVengers utilized lessons from conferences and training to harness the power of preservation. We don’t know our final destination yet, but join us as we share our journey with you. You too, can be a Digital Preservation superhero!
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0
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Southworth, H., Dalbey, J., & Stenzel, A. (2016, March 16). DigiVengers: Digital Preservation in Progress. Presented at the 2016 Library Technology Conference, St. Paul, MN.