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Interactive Whiteboards: Worth the Investment?
Journal of Cases on Information Technology (2012)
  • Heidi L. Schnackenberg
  • Michael J. Heymann

T. McDonough Central School District, located in a small city in upstate New York, is looking to invest some of its budget in new resources for Hawkins Elementary School. The School Board is strongly considering equipping each classroom in the school with interactive whiteboards. However, prior to doing so, the Board is inquiring about how the technology is currently being used. They are seeking input from teachers, students, parents, and other faculty members who have been exposed to the technology about this large-scale budget decision. For each stakeholder, the value and usefulness of the interactive whiteboards are different. Given the school board’s proposed spending initiative, the entire school community appears to be debating how to spend this money and what future interactive whiteboards may have in their schools and classrooms.

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Heidi L. Schnackenberg and Michael J. Heymann. "Interactive Whiteboards: Worth the Investment?" Journal of Cases on Information Technology Vol. 14 Iss. 1 (2012)
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