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A Critical Look at Gender Difference in Communication Research
Communication Studies (1996)
  • Heidi Reeder, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
In this essay, the assumptions, ideologies, and methodologies that provide the foundation for much of the research conducted on gender differences in interpersonal communication are critically analyzed. (Sociological) gender is often studied as (biological) sex, a pattern that perpetuates misinformation about the meaning of male‐female differences. In addition, the results of many of these studies are generalized, leaving crucial within‐group differences relatively ignored. Researchers also often study gender as a predictor variable, paying less attention to how communication creates gender. Finally, results of gender‐difference studies do not tend to be analyzed or presented critically. Suggestions are offered for undergoing more reflexive reports of gender difference in interpersonal communication.
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Heidi Reeder. "A Critical Look at Gender Difference in Communication Research" Communication Studies Vol. 47 Iss. 4 (1996) p. 318 - 330
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