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How Commitment Shapes Our Lives
TEDxAmmon (2014)
  • Heidi Reeder, Boise State University
Dr. Heidi Reeder is the author of the forthcoming book, "Commit To Win" (Hudson Street Press/Penguin) and an associate professor at Boise State University. She has been featured on the Today Show and is regularly quoted in top magazines such as Men's Health, Psychology Today, and Time. As a Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year, her research on cultivating positive relationships has been published in leading psychology and communication journals.

"Commitment" isn't something we often discuss. Despite the lack of attention paid to it, where we choose to commit ourselves creates the foundation and structure of our lives. In this talk, audience members get a chance reflect on what commitment is, and the power it has in their lives. They have the opportunity to consider where they want to invest more of themselves, and where they want to begin to let go and move on.
Publication Date
February 21, 2014
Idaho Falls, ID
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Heidi Reeder. "How Commitment Shapes Our Lives" TEDxAmmon (2014)
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