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Teaching qualitative methods using a research team approach
Psychology Faculty Publication Series
  • Heidi Levitt, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Divya Kannan, Vanderbilt University
  • Maria Ippolito
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This article is a guide for developing a qualitative methods course in psychology that organizes students into a researchteam conducting a joint project toward the goal of publishing a paper in an academic journal. This class structure allows for students to consider qualitative methods and epistemologies through a process of engaged learning. Tips on creating aresearch team environment, planning a survey component of the course, guiding students through a grounded theory analysis, and organizing the students toward writing a manuscript are presented. Issues raised for consideration also can be useful when supervising individual students' grounded theory projects.
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Qualitative Research in Psychology
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Levitt, H. M., Ippolito, M. R., Kannan, D. (2013). Teaching qualitative methods using a research team approach: Publishing grounded theory projects with your class. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 10, 119-139. DOI: 10.1080/14780887.2011.586101.