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Perspective: Minneapolis Bloch Cancer Survivor Park
Landscape Architecture
  • Heidi M Hohmann, Iowa State University
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Although I lack the financial resources to fund a hundred parks across America, I, like Richard Bloch, am a cancer survivor. I am a member (Lymphoma, Class of 1999) of a large and growing club that Bloch has undertaken to represent in his ambitious and laudable campaign to use parks to make the struggles of cancer patients both visible and less daunting to members of the public who may also be stricken by the disease. As a result, i approached the cancer survivors park in Minneapolis as both cancer survivor and landscape architect, with both a sense of ownership and a critical eye, with hope that the park would embody some aspect of my experiences-and apprehension that it wouldn't be.

This article is from Landscape Architecture, February 2003, 93(2); 65. Posted with permission.

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Heidi M Hohmann. "Perspective: Minneapolis Bloch Cancer Survivor Park" Landscape Architecture Vol. 93 Iss. 2 (2003) p. 65
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