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Development and Psychometric Testing of the Team-Based Learning Student Assessment Instrument
Nurse Educator
  • Heidi A. Mennenga, South Dakota State University; University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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Team-based learning, an innovative teaching strategy, may be useful in meeting the demands of nursing education. However, educators may be hesitant to adopt this teaching strategy because of the lack of available research. The author discusses a study to determine whether a newly developed instrument, the Team-Based Learning Student Assessment Instrument, accurately measures the 3 subscales of accountability, preference for lecture or team-based learning, and student satisfaction. Results suggest the instrument is valid and reliable and may be a valuable tool in assessing the effectiveness of team-based learning. Team-based learning offers educators a structured, student-centered learning environment. Using a structured combination of preclass preparation, individual and group readiness assurance tests, and application exercises, team-based learning eliminates the need for traditional lecture or multiple instructors in the classroom. In addition, team-based learning is an active learning strategy that truly engages students in their education. Parmelee asserts that “for professional students to be engaged fully, challenged intellectually, and have the opportunity to develop interpersonal and teamwork skills, the team-based learning strategy holds the greatest promise in curriculum development.Research related to team-based learning has been conducted in a variety of disciplines and indicates positive student outcomes and student attitudes toward team-based learning. In addition, the use of team-based learning also results in higher levels of student engagement.
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Heidi A. Mennenga. "Development and Psychometric Testing of the Team-Based Learning Student Assessment Instrument" Nurse Educator Vol. 37 Iss. 4 (2012) p. 168 - 172
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