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Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Present at a State Conference
Georgia Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators
  • Heidi Eisenreich, Georgia Southern University
  • Tracey Batchelor
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As mathematics teacher educators, we have a responsibility to prepare as many people as we can, to teach mathematics in ways that foster a deeper understanding of the content. We do this by teaching current and future teachers in college programs and providing professional development to in-service teachers. A less explored way is to prepare these “students” to present ideas they have learned to colleagues at their school, other schools in their district, and conferences. In this paper, I share my experience of helping students go through the process of preparing to present over the last two years at our state K-12 mathematics conference and include some of their reflections through this process.

Rock Eagle, GA
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Eisenreich, Heidi (2019) "Preparing Pre-service Teachers to Present at a State Conference," Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Georgia Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators: Vol. 13 : Iss. 1 , Article 5. DOI: 10.20429/gamte.2019.130105 Available at: