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Teaching with Technology: GeoGebra Exploration
Wisconsin Mathematics Council Annual Conference (WMC)
  • Bhesh R. Mainali, UW-Superior
  • Heidi Eisenreich, Georgia Southern University
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Participants will be introduced to the best practice of integrating technology for effective teaching of math. Using computers, participants will learn and explore different features of free mathematical software (GeoGebra) and utilize it to make and test some dynamic math applets. Participants will also learn how to integrate GeoGebra for effective math lessons. Opportunities will be also provided on how to find, explore, and utilize GeoGebra applets to enhance students’ math understanding.

Green Lake, WI
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Bhesh R. Mainali and Heidi Eisenreich. "Teaching with Technology: GeoGebra Exploration" Wisconsin Mathematics Council Annual Conference (WMC) (2016)
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