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Unpublished Paper
Empirical Analysis of Poverty and Inequality in West Virginia
  • Hector Addison, Ohio University - Main Campus
Poverty and income inequality have attracted a lot of attention in recent literature and policy discussions. Using Ordinary Least Squares and Two stage least squares and cross sectional data for all counties in West Virginia, this study examines the determinants of poverty and income inequality and possibility of simultaneous relationship between them. Findings indicate there is a weak simultaneous relationship and income inequality is declining among aged 65 and above. Education, seen as social equalizer does not provide any evidence in reducing income inequality in West Virginia but as more and more women take up headship in families, poverty and income inequality increase.
  • Poverty,
  • Inequality,
  • West Virginia,
  • Development,
  • empirical analysis
Publication Date
Spring 2007
Citation Information
Hector Addison. "Empirical Analysis of Poverty and Inequality in West Virginia" (2007)
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