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About Heather M Brotherton

Heather Brotherton holds a doctorate in Computer Information Technology from Purdue University. She also holds a bachelor of arts in Public Relations and a master’s degree in Computer Information Technology both from Purdue University. Heather is a Web Systems Administrator with Information Technology at Purdue(ITaP). She has been working with ITaP since 2009. From 1999-2009 Heather served as a Social Insurance Specialist with the Social Security Administration. During her experience as a public servant Heather became interested in the field of information technology. Her research interests include: resiliency planning, project management, service management, configuration management, systems analysis, and protection of critical cyber infrastructure.
Heather initiated a relationship between Open Compute, founded by Facebook, and the Purdue College of Technology. This relationship resulted in the dedication of $90,000 in gift funds from Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Intel through Open Compute to create data center efficiency coursework. Facebook donated 101 Open Compute servers and Hitachi donated new hard drives for each server. She also initiated a mutual aid group through EDUCAUSE in 2010. The goal of this ad-hoc group was to coordinate universities that were interested in trading co-location resources for the purposes of disaster recovery and business continuity. Participating universities included: Rice University, Indiana University and University of Chicago.
Heather wrote an article titled “Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning: Business Justification” published in the Journal of Emergency Management. She also published Energy Overhead of the Graphical User Interface In Server Operating Systems in the 2013 proceedings of the ACM annual conference Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services. She is currently researching energy efficient data center design.


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