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About Dr Heather Winskel

Dr Heather Winskel
BSc(Hons)(US), GradDipLangSt(WAust), DipEd(UWA), PhD(UD)
Dr Heather Winskel’s main areas of research are in the areas of language acquisition and reading research, particularly in the languages of Southeast Asia. She also has an interest in developmental and cross-cultural psychology. Traditionally, research has focused on Indo-European languages and yet Asian languages and their writing systems have distinctive, very interesting and useful characteristics for future psycholinguistic research. By including these lesser studied languages, we can build more comprehensive and representative universal models of psycholinguistic mechanisms and processes. Dr Winskel has built up a number of collaborations with international colleagues in Europe, North America, and Asia. Dr Heather Winskel’s research and teaching are mainly in the areas of cognitive, developmental and cross-cultural psychology. She is currently teaching undergraduate units in developmental and cross cultural Psychology at the Coffs Harbour campus.


Present Senior Lecturer, School of Health & Human Sciences, Southern Cross University

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Hogbin Drive
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450.
Phone: +61 2 6659 3381


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