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Spotlight on Idaho's Region 4 Teacher Shortage
  • Heather P. Williams, Boise State University
  • Carl F. Seibert, Boise State University
There is substantial evidence of teacher recruitment, retention, and mentoring challenges overwhelming Idaho’s school systems. Discussions of teacher shortages across the state and nation have been prevalent for several years (Ingersoll, 2001; Mortensen, 2015; Aragon, 2016), concerns have continued to build that there are not enough educators to meet school and district hiring demands. The anecdotal discussion around the teacher shortage in Idaho often paints an ambiguous picture of where the problems exist and why they may exist more prevalent in some areas than others. This study sought to collect first-hand data and spotlight the teacher shortage issues and impact of one geographic area of Idaho— Region 4—in order to develop a deeper understanding of the issue.
Publication Date
December 11, 2017
Citation Information
Heather P. Williams and Carl F. Seibert. "Spotlight on Idaho's Region 4 Teacher Shortage" (2017)
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