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Understanding the Securitization of Worker Remittances
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  • Heather Hughes, American University Washington College of Law
Is structured finance dead? Many have asked this question after the financial crisis. Or is structured finance “evil” and therefore should it be dead? This book suggests neither nor. Even if structured finance can be misused or applied under inappropriate conditions, it can also be an effective tool for reaching development objectives. The authors in this volume focus on the potential of structured finance in the aftermath of the financial crisis. They explore the conditions under which structured finance is suitable for emerging markets highlighting both its benefits and risks. The book combines professional and scientific perspectives and points towards various useful applications of structured finance in support of small and medium-sized enterprises and microfinance. This also includes activities as diverse as infrastructure development, remittances, rural livelihood, and Shari’ah-compliant Islamic finance.
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Heather Hughes. "Understanding the Securitization of Worker Remittances" New York(2010)
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