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Skilled in Sustainability: Teaching Sustainability in Skills-Based
Sustainability at Universities: Opportunities, Challenges and Trends (2009)
  • Heather Burns, Portland State University

Chapter 15.

This paper describes how learning sustainability can be integrated into skills- based courses by combining the elements of a new model of sustainability pedagogy with skills-based content. The author argues that educators have a moral responsibility to teach sustainability in all aspects of higher education, including skills-based courses.

Using a thematic approach is one way that educators can integrate sustainability learning into skills-based courses.This paper provides a model for integrating sustainability pedagogy within existing courses designed to teach specific skills. Grounded in a literature base on the nature of sustainability pedagogy, this article describes the process of integrating a sustainability theme into one skills-based course, academic writing. Shifting to a sustainability theme such as sustainable food systems allowed for purposeful learning about sustainability while at the same time engaged students' understand led to improved academic writing skills.

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Walter Leal Filho
Frankfurt am Main
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Heather Burns. "Skilled in Sustainability: Teaching Sustainability in Skills-Based" New YorkSustainability at Universities: Opportunities, Challenges and Trends (2009)
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