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Hospital Librarians: Training the Next Generation of Doctors
OLA Quarterly (2018)
  • Heather J Martin, Providence St. Joseph Health
Hospital librarians address a wide array of information needs. They help nurses figure out how to take care of patients, help physicians with difficult cases, help families get reliable health information, and sometimes the information they provide even helps save a life. They also play an important role in training the next generation of doctors. At one hospital in Oregon, Providence St. Joseph Health System Library Services has integrated traditional library instruction directly into the curriculum of the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

  • medical residency,
  • hospital librarians,
  • librarianship,
  • information literacy
Publication Date
July, 2018
Citation Information
Martin, H. J. (2018). Hospital Librarians: Training the Next Generation of Doctors. OLA Quarterly, 24(1), 35-39.