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Service-learning and interdisciplinarity: a library science perspective
Creating Our Identities In Service-Learning and Community Engagement (2009)
  • Liberty Smith
  • Heather J Martin
  • Jason Burrage
  • Megan E Standridge
  • Sarah Ragland
  • Martina Bailey
Much of service-learning research is interdisciplinary, however the degree and implications of this interdisciplinarity have not been adequately analyzed. This chapter uses the library and information science research method of citation analysis, a form of bibliometrics, to assess the degree of interdisciplinary of the service-learning literature as represented in articles in the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, in the Advances in Service-Learning Research series, and in masters these and dissertations on service-learning and related topics published between 2004-2006. The results show a wide range of disciplinarity both in the departmental affiliation of service-learning scholars and in the research from which they draw.
Publication Date
B. Moely, S. H. Billig, & B. A. Holland
Information Age Publishing
Advances in Service-Learning Research
Citation Information
Liberty Smith, Heather J Martin, Jason Burrage, Megan E Standridge, et al.. "Service-learning and interdisciplinarity: a library science perspective" Charlotte, NCCreating Our Identities In Service-Learning and Community Engagement (2009) p. 215 - 235
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